Event Objective

Creating a concept for an Interactive PDF that has collected all the medical data to be the reference for the team.


HCPs enter into a cycle of finding the correct medical material & information related to certain medications, so it is important to create a reference that contains all the accurate information that HCPs need.


Creating a branding reference to facilitate the process of HCPs accessing the correct medical material.


In a world full of questions, we find ourselves fogged. We find ourselves lost. There must be a way. There must be a sign. There must be a mark. To get answers to our questions, we must have a guide. With this guide, we can participate. Elevate. Accelerate our limits. This leads us at the end to reach the peak. The peak that pushes us Beyond Horizons.

Main Visual


Client: Novartis UAE

Agency: OREVAN, Cairo

Creative Director: Karim Taha 

Creative Storyteller​​​​​​​: Aly Mobarak

Graphic Designer: Mostafa Ahmed


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