Workshop Objective

- Facilitate how HCPs can deal with Kisqali.

- Delivering Kisqali's survival data.

- Delivering the GL.

- Deliver the drug-drug interactions, monitor the selection criteria, and how to deal with the adverse events.


Creating a unique and interactive workshop serves Novartis in achieving its main objective for Kisqali.


Creating a branded 360 platform for HCPs with all the Curriculums, materials, and related information.


When we said that women are half of society, this was not a joke. Therefore, we believe that we will not achieve what we aim for without women. Their presence is no less important than that of men. Together, we can break barriers, achieve success, and reach farther. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can succeed.

Main Visual

Kickoff Video


Client: Novartis KSA

Agency: OREVAN, Cairo

Creative Director: Karim Taha 

Senior Creative Storyteller​​​​​​​: Aly Mobarak

Graphic Designer: Mostafa Ahmed

Senior Video Editor: Mohamed Adam

2D Animator: Mohaned Bayomi


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